Top 5 Movies Based on Special Forces

Men will always be men. They will always love action movies. Some of the most enjoyable action movies by the male gender include Special forces movies. Below is a list of five best movies that are based on special forces.


A gang of robbers takes over a bank and a SWAT team is sent to handle the problem.

This movie is a remake of the SWAT TV show. It is an action-packed film about an elite police force in LA and it’s quite enjoyable. It has a routine script, amazing firefights, it does everything right and best of all it has a cool cast. The cast involves LL Cool J, Michelle Rodriguez, Collin Farrell, and Samuel L. Jackson. The most enjoyable scenes involve gunfights which sounded great on DVD.

Black Hawk Dawn

A team of Delta Force Rangers is sent to Somalia to capture a self-sworn president named Adid.

This movie is played by Eric Bana and Co. and it features hot shots from Delta force playing as sidekicks. The movie describes an infamous incident that has been adapted from the book. The film is stylized enormously and it’s filled with action. The team of Delta Force sprint into action with skateboard helmets in small agile helicopters.

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Tears of the Sun

Amidst a civil war in a West African country, Nigeria, a US Navy SEAL team is sent to rescue a Doctor.

When an Italian sexy lady gets stuck in a Nigerian jungle, Bruce Willis and his Navy Crew come to her rescue. Monica Belluci is the sexy woman who leads Willis, the Seal team leader, into a tough spot. Willis has to make hard moral calls and go against orders. The movie is very violent and is a true story. In spite of Willis looking too cool to be a seal, he pulls it off quite well and delivers gritty action.

Delta Force

Chuck Norris and Lee Marvin lead a team of Special Forces troop. A helicopter crash and Chuck Norris help aid a fellow Ranger by disobeying orders.

This is an old 80’s film featuring Chuck Norris. It is one of the most infamous Delta Force movies. In spite of its age, it delivers great entertainment. Chuck Norris displays great martial arts skills that will leave you throwing kicks in your living room. The Boogey Man checks his closet for Chuck before going to sleep. Even Freddy Kruger is haunted by Chuck Norris in his nightmares.


This film started a franchise of Marine Corps movies starring snipers. Even Shooter by Mark Wahlberg was inspired by Sniper. Billy Zane stars as a hotshot SWAT who is an asshole and Tom Berenger stars as a grumpy old vet. The movie has many aspects including camouflage and balance between lots of action and no action. The aspect of no action describes how a sniper can at times wait for many months before firing a single shot.

The above five movies will give you a sure boost of adrenaline. Some movies like Black Hawk Down were released sixteen years ago but they still display great special forces skills. Make a bowl of popcorns and enjoy.

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