Top 5 Epic War Movies of All Time

Since the start of moviemaking craft, people have made movies which have had an everlasting impact in cinematic history. We would be listing down those movies which fall under the “War” category and those war movies which have had massive influence and universal acclaim from the critics.

Ranking top war movies of all time is a very difficult because there are many movies which have been highly acclaimed by audiences and critics alike. So this list would be containing those movies which are considered to be quintessential war movies.

So here is our list of top 5 war movies of all time:

1. Apocalypse Now – 1979

Apocalypse Now is considered to be among one of the greatest war moves in the history. Apart from being a war-drama masterpiece, it is widely regarded to be among one of the greatest movies in history. Apocalypse Now was directed by the director Francis Ford Coppola who had previously directed highly acclaimed drama movie “The Godfather”. Coppola’s brilliant directorship together with a highly talented cast such as Marlon Brando, Martin Sheen, and Robert Duvall made Apocalypse Now an unforgettable war epic.

2. Saving Private Ryan – 1998

Another awesome war movie which deserves our attention is Saving Private Ryan. The movie had an ensemble cast led by critically acclaimed actor Tom Hanks. Set in the World War II, this movie offers it all action, adventure, and drama. Directed by Steven Spielberg, Saving Private Ryan won five Oscars and is considered to be among one of the best war movies in history,

3. Platoon – 1986

A platoon was directed by Oliver Stone and the movie was set in the Vietnam centering on a young soldier who questions his morality. Platoon deals with horrors of war and crisis through which the young soldiers had to go. Actor Charlie Sheen played the leading role along with actors such as Tom Berenger and Willem Dafoe. Platoon is consistently ranked among one of the greatest war movies in history.

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4. Full Metal Jacket – 1987

Directed by revered movie director Stanley Kubrick – Full Metal Jacket is also one of the highly acclaimed movies belonging to the war category. It is also set in the Vietnam War period and deals with the brutalizing effects of Vietnam War on soldiers.

5. Dunkirk – 2017

Dunkirk would be the most recent movie on this list but it surely deserves to be listed among these exceptional war movies. It was directed by famed director Christopher Nolan and centers around the group of soldiers who are surrounded by the German army during World War II. Dunkirk met with universal acclaim and is cited to be among one of the best war movies of recent times.

In the end, we would like to mention other war movies also which are highly acclaimed such as American Sniper, Black Hawk Down, Schindler’s List and many others. This list was compiled considering an overall influence of the movie as well as screenwriting and the production. The movies listed here have had a massive impact on audience due to which we picked them among top 5 greatest war movies of all time.

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