Skyrim basically refers to a game that involves battling ancient dragons and also an open-world adventure game with an experience of epic fantasy, The skyrim game was first released in November 2011, and later upgraded to a newer version. It was built and designed for PlayStation, Skyrim is available for Xbox consoles as well as Microsoft Windows, and later for Virtual Reality. If you downloaded or installed the initial release will therefore mean that you have the old version of the game. The newer version of the game, recently released will not support a number of characters as of the former game, due to the major upgrades and game changes.


If you have the Skyrim old edition and would like to upgrade to the Skyrim Special Edition, then you will need an entire separate download of the game. This may hence cause different characters other than the old ones as seen in the previous game version. However, if you want to upgrade to the new game, Skyrim Special Edition whilst retaining your old characters, there is a simple workaround towards that as detailed below;

How it Works

In your PC, you simply need to find the files where you saved your old Skyrim game as well as the files for the Skyrim Special Edition game, mainly located in Documents-My Games. To be able to transfer or move your files, you simply need to go to the folder you saved your files and copy the files to be transferred via the details, save # -character name, location. This will take all the characters you want. Once you are done with copying the files, you can then close the folder and open the Skyrim Special Edition folder. Paste the files in the folder and close.

Once you launch the game, the characters should be present even within the new game. If you launch and run the game with mods, there is a high probability that the game may not work, due to incompatibility. Some of the mods that may cause incompatibility are such as the Skyrim SE and UGrids mods. To fix the issue with UGrids, you simply need to go to My Documents->My Games->Skyrim Special Edition then open skyrim.ini in Wordpad or Notepad. Under the section [General] you need to add; uGridsToLoad=7. Fixing that command should solve the problem. A small line of text will display about the saved settings, and you will now have a brand new save. If you still experience a problem even after that, then you can use a ‘savegame’ cleaning tool.

To use the savegame cleaner, you simply need to find and download the file, then click on ‘open’. Go to the Skyrim save and make a backup if you did not do so already. You will then need to look for the following controls to give a good save;

  • Fix Script instances
  • Delete all
  • Clean other
  • Del. Broken Actives
  • Clean formlists

A pretty chunk of stuff will be deleted, but another save from the game should work.

The Skyrim Special Edition is not very different from the former version, but it has been created and developed to have some bit of better features that the former Skyrim. Upgrading to the new version is very easy, but however it is important to determine how to fix the challenges and issues with mods when transitioning to the new game.

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