Harmful Effects


“Water is life!” it is crucial for dehydration, meaning that no one can live without this crucial commodity. Water is also crucial in food preparations, sanitation, hygiene, and other daily uses. With this in mind, we can all agree that any water supply has the main objective of protecting mankind by offering an adequate amount of safe water for drinking at least. However, this is not always the case. According to the research, 884 million individuals lack access to clean water with about an eighth of these people consuming hard water which is considered to be a major factor that causes numerous diseases around the world.

Hard water is not just an inconvenience but also a health hazard. According to a research done by the International Journal of Preventive Medicine, a constant exposure to the minerals found in hard water have numerous health hazards to those who consume unhealthy water. Numerous people understand the risk involved in this crucial commodity and has resulted to using water softener to make good use of the commodity safely. The following are some of the health problems related to hard water. Read on for more!

  1. Dull Hair

If you ask any woman, hair is a crucial part of her beauty and they would not want to use anything that that can harm it. However, what most people don’t know is that hard water leaves mineral deposits on the hair and as a result, it diminishes its natural glow. It also leaves buildup on the scalp and this is not healthy for your hair. The buildup damages your hair by blocking moisture from the hair shafts, leaving it dry and dull. Shampooing or rinsing them more can worsen the situation.

  1. Skin Problems

Skin irritation is one noticeable and common effect of hard water usage. It is known to be the major cause of Eczema in kids, with the majority of those bathing with such water experiencing bumpy patches that is caused by dry skin. You can also suffer from skin irritation after using skin or hair products. As a result of the hardness found in the water, cleansing products used when taking a shower does not dissolve well. A water softener helps in getting rid of these minerals that are present in the water, making it easier for shampoo and other soaps to dissolve and you will be able to rinse them off from the skin.

  1. Diarrhea

High intake of magnesium salts may lead to a change in bowel movement. The reason is that, drinking water by which there is a presence of both magnesium and sulfate is in high concentration can have a laxative effect. This means that if you drink such water you may get diarrhea.

  1. Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular disease is one very severe effect of hard water intake. According to several studies, both high blood pressure and heart diseases can come as a result of taking such water. In Finland as well as South Africa, a study found that a certain death that was attributed to ischemic heart disease was related to a high concentration of calcium and magnesium in the drinking water.

  1. Kidney Stone

Consumption of such water is also related to kidney stones. The hardness of the water is as a result of the presence of sulfate and carbonate salts, which are by-products of calcium and magnesium. Such salts are hard to be absorbed in the body and once they are retained, they end up causing kidney stones, a fatal condition that has claimed numerous lives.

Other Health Conditions Caused By Hard Water Consumption

  • Reproductive health
  • Cancer
  • Reproductive failure
  • Diabetes
  • Neural diseases

Well, why should something that is meant to sustain you lead to your demise? While water is like life itself, it needs to be consumed with care to avoid such health hazards. And, you do not have to suffer from any of the above conditions as a result of hard water consumption. Just make sure you get the best water softener and enjoy a healthier and happy life!